5 de enero de 2012

Hej fra Danmark!

Or hello from Denmark. As you prefer. I convince myself to write in English. I need to improve it and you probably need to practice. I am now sitting in my hotel room with my teammates in Copenhagen. What a beautiful city although it's covered with a grey and creepy sky. I enjoy spending time out of my city. It reminds me how important is to stay on your own for a few days with plenty of time to think. However, I miss the thigs at home. And them, I miss them loads. I play a team sport which I really prefer not to name (it would be a mess to explain it) and I now realize how important is to communicate, to understand and to listen. Wins make you stronger, loses make you better. So let's have a couple of those! As soon as I'm back I need to jump into my books, but don't miss me too much. I will surprise you when you less expect it, that's how I like it ;)

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